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COP15 – the first week… by Welsh Green Dragon

Right well I’ve been speaking about the build up a fair bit but have yet to actually talk about what is going on at COP15. It seems the jargon busters are at work and negotiations are truly in full swing, and the enormity of what needs to be agreed is becoming apparent. The BBC World Service have created this interesting article on where every country stands in relation to its Carbon emissions and future carbon planning, which contextualises what needs to happen in Denmark.

Despite pledges to the tune of £1.2 billion being made by Gordon Brown to help developing nations adapt to climatic changes, it appears that reaching a singular global deal, or text, is looking difficult. Poorer nations feel that they should not have to reduce their carbon emissions and it should only be those who were part of the previous Kyoto protocol who should make massive reductions. There has also been controversy with yet more leaked documents, this time the draft Danish text setting out their plan B if negotiations don’t go according to plan.

With regard to last weeks ‘ClimateGate’ debacle, it was interesting this week when the Met Office announced that the last decade has been the hottest on record. That certainly should douse the spurious claims of climate change deniers that there is no such thing as global warming. And not only that, but next year is also predicted to being the hottest year yet experienced in modern history. Alongside this new research which seems has been perfectly timed to counter the leaked emails from the University of East Anglia, the Met Office have also produced some stark projections for what will happen if global temperatures were to rise by 2 degrees and then 4 degrees centigrade.

So what will week two of the summit bring? Well the leaked draft text is part of the way there but what is looking like a two tier agreement will only exacerbate the disparity between rich and poor. With Environment Minster Jane Davidson and new First Minister Carwyn Jones in Copenhagen rubbing shoulders with their international counterparts, can they persuade other larger nations to take Wales’ lead with the ambitious carbon reduction targets set out by the Welsh Assembly?

As more ideas are thrashed out WGD will try to get in touch with some people who are in Copenhagen and see if they can give an insight into what is happening first hand.


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