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Is Copenhagen unravelling from East Anglia? by Chris Halpin

What a perfectly timed scandal. With days until the Copenhagen summit, the ramifications resulting from the leaked emails of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia could be massive.

Every country who is going to the Copenhagen summit will be going there with their individual national agenda, and this latest controversy gives every sceptic a big fat get out clause.

The UN has now stepped in to investigate the claims that climate data has been exaggerated or ‘suped up’ by academics to try and make the scale of global temperature change look more severe. It all began a couple of weeks ago when hackers leaked hundreds of emails that were sent between scientists at the CRU and their peers from around the globe. It has most recently seen the resignation of the centre’s director, Phil Jones, and claims that the CRU had thrown away raw data in the Sunday Times have caused global uproar in scientific and political spheres.

As an authority on climate change research,  the CRU has one of the most important and detailed datasets on charting global temperatures in modern history. However, these emails have cast doubt on the impact that human beings have had on temperature increases, allowing climate sceptics to say that the scientific case for climate change has been grossly undermined.

If it’s a scandal, whack ‘gate’ at the end, and hey presto ”ClimateGate’ is born. It looks set to cast a dark cloud over the Copenhagen Summit, as countries like Saudi Arabia who look to refuse to cut their carbon emissions at the Copenhagen summit, can now try to deny that human beings have had any impact on increased levels of CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere.

It is argued that there is still plenty of other unequivocal evidence that humans are to blame for the dramatic rise in global temperatures since the industrial revolution. The Huffington Post has dissected this latest debacle blow by blow so you can see exactly what ‘claims’ there ‘are’ to deny any of it is actually happening.

The run up to the summit has certainly had its twists and turns, but could this be the final derailment?

This is from the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 from this morning, where John Humphreys interviewed Jonathan Porritt, the founder of the Forum for the Future and Philip Stott, Professor Emeritus of Biogeography at the University of London. Makes for a very informing listen.


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